We are a team of highly-trained oncologists with one mission: to put patients firmly in control of their journey by enabling them to make decisions from a position of knowledge each and every step of the way.

Our Service

Our team of physicians—Advocate MDs—establish a personal relationship with you and your doctor to provide you with the best possible solutions.

Our multi-faceted approach includes:

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Your Advocate MD will identify relevant diagnostics and new therapies, and then discuss these options with you and your doctor.

Examples of activities include:

  • Providing a deeper understanding of your pertinent medical information.
  • Accessing the latest diagnostic tests that may reveal new personalized therapeutic approaches.
  • Identifying therapies based on your situation, including: standard treatment options, innovative treatments under study, and unique cancer center approaches.
  • Researching and matching clinical trials.
  • Presenting evidence-based clinical information from renowned scientific publications and a scientific rationale for use based on the opinion of key leaders in the field.
  • Demystifying medical jargon so you can clearly understand the risks and potential benefits associated with each therapy offered.
  • When authorized, arranging for a review of your case by a second institution to confirm the fine points of your diagnosis.

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In collaboration with you and your doctors, your Advocate MD will design a strategic roadmap that guides you through major therapeutic decisions in your journey.

Examples of activities include:

  • Building a strategic roadmap for next steps and a decision tree that guides you based on possible findings on the next scan or test.
  • Reviewing the rationale for each therapy in the roadmap and integrating your feedback into prioritizing the order of therapies.
  • Supporting you with followup 1:1 discussions with your Advocate MD whenever questions arise, new diagnostic results are available, or a new decision needs to be made.
  • Improving communication and promoting your relationship with your doctor.
  • When needed, providing written justification that assists your doctor to obtain insurance coverage.

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When options are limited, your Advocate MD will access the world’s leading oncology specialists in the field, generate new ideas and leverage years of experience and personal involvement to create new therapeutic pathways.

Examples of activities include:

  • Quarterbacking your fight against cancer.
  • Arranging in-person discussions with recognized expert oncologists and leaders in the field.
  • Providing the on-going support patients and their caregivers seek.
  • Accessing leading oncology experts who specialize in your cancer type.
  • Researching literature to answer any questions that arise.
  • Tailoring innovative and novel therapies to your situation.
  • Creating clinical studies (investigator sponsored trials) suitable for you.
  • Accessing new medications through compassionate use programs.


Opening the Door to New Treatments

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We start by guiding individual patients and from their successes we will build a system that one day will help millions of patients put an end to cancer.

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