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Mission, Ethics, and Values

Our mission is to put patients firmly in control of their journey by enabling them to make decisions from a position of knowledge each and every step of the way. At Sagely Health, we value the patients above all. We believe that “when patients do well, we do well.”

We will never prioritize a patient’s option or treatment based upon exterior interests or motives. We strive to put them in the driver’s seat and allow them to understand, dictate, and make informed decisions on their cancer treatment, and we refuse to allow corporate, institutional or personal interests influence these decisions.

We work as a team at Sagely Health. Our team consists of all stakeholders: the patient, their family, their practicing doctors, our staff, and our Advocate MDs. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, we are currently looking for Advocate MDs to work with our patients.

What is an Advocate MD?

The Advocate MDs who consult with Sagely Health are all successful oncology-focused physicians who enjoy supporting patients as much as they do performing research.

Advocate MDs help guide patients by identifying relevant diagnostics and therapies, helping them formulate a plan of action, and utilizing novel idea generation when options are limited. Throughout this process the Advocate MD works closely with the Sagely Health Curation Team to gather evidence-based data and information for the patient.

Motivated by the very real need to make a difference today, they choose to work with us when their schedules allow. We know that your full time employment takes priority: our workflow is designed to appreciate what you can give without it becoming onerous. 4-6 hours is all it takes to start guiding a patient to find suitable treatment options. Every Advocate MD works with us on a consulting basis and is paid a competitive hourly rate for the guidance they have given a patient.

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