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Have your case assessed by a leading oncology expert who will evaluate your current treatment plan, research all novel and clinical trial options available, and analyze their potential for you.

How Does It Work?

We begin with an intake call to understand the details of your case. We then search thousands of available therapies, including clinical trials, treatment protocols, standard treatments, diagnostic tests, and more. We'll factor in your medical information, prior treatments, family history, and your travel and therapy preferences.

You will receive a detailed, patient-friendly report that clearly lays out your options and next steps.


Treatment Plan Analysis

Your current treatment protocol will be compared with the latest, internationally accepted treatment guidelines and protocols for patients with your particular cancer type. If your treatment differs from the latest treatments protocols, you will receive recommendations for next steps.


Clinical Trials and Novel Treatments Options

We will identify clinical trials that could benefit you, with included scientific rationale, explanation of potential added benefits, and details on how to enroll. When appropriate, we will identify novel treatments that are so new that they have not been included in the “gold standard” protocols yet, but that could bring additional benefit.


Recommended Genetic and Diagnostic Testing

If you have genetic testing, we can review for important details your medical team might not be looking for. We can also recommend relevant diagnostic tests that have not been conducted that could help determine which treatments could bring you the most benefit.


An Action Plan

Next steps will be clearly defined for you and your doctor. We will outline which treatments and diagnostics you should pursue and how to access them.

Why Should I Consider Sagely Health?


We make sure patients get the best care possible and that they have access to the most cutting edge treatments available today.

Patient Friendly

Our recommendations are accessible, understandable, and grounded in evidence-based science. Our insights are tailored to your questions, priorities, and cancer type.


Recommendations and next steps are presented clearly and in detail for both you and your medical team.

Expert Driven

We work with the leading US oncologists researching the most cutting edge treatments available today.


We work quickly. Patients receive their report within two weeks of beginning to work with Sagely Health and often sooner.


We offer a completely external, independent opinion on your case and we are never financially biased. Our recommendations are only influenced by you, the patient.