Finding the Path to New Treatments

Read about some of the patients we've guided:


An athletic 73 yo gentleman who developed pancreatic cancer and came to Sagely soon after surgery. Sagely identified a unique diagnostic that detected circulating tumor DNA in his blood, and confirmed remaining tumor on a CT scan. While Jim received chemotherapy, Sagely found a clinical trial that uses a state of the art combination immunotherapy and helped him enroll on study. Multiple regimens and studies later, Jim passed the two-year mark, which less than 1% of pancreatic cancer patients achieve.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jason Sager MD and his organization, Sagely Health, for anyone desiring the services of a professional oncology navigator. The cancer treatment process is extremely involved and rapidly evolving. Dr. Sager has been highly responsive to our e-mails and telephone calls and has remarkable contacts throughout the country who know and respect him. He has admirably and compassionately guided me and my family as I progressed through various treatments, arranged professional appointments, and explored research and clinical trial options that are personal to my condition. I am grateful that an MD relative of mine initially put me in contact with Dr. Sager.


A 23 yo woman with BRCA deficiency and recurrent triple negative breast cancer. Sagely Health identified a novel use of targeted therapy that could help prevent the return of the cancer after surgery and guided her in discussions with her oncologist as well as the pharmaceutical company who manufactures it.

Sagely Health has been available, hands on, and guided us so my daughter can move on with her life and never look back again.


A 64 yo business man in England who was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. Sagely was able to educate him about recently approved effective immunotherapies in the US and help him to access them in England.

We really rely on your advice and guidance and are very happy that we have started the immunotherapy.


A 43 yo author and father who was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. Sagely was able to help him interpret and action his tumor sequencing diagnostic test, identifying and then helping obtain a novel targeted therapy against his tumor.

I am eternally grateful for Jason and Sagely Health obtaining a new medicine that brought us hope.


A 67 yo Israeli mother with newly diagnosed esophageal cancer, who was trying to decide if she should obtain treatment in her home country or in the US at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Sagely researched information about the respective regimens offered by each, and enabled her to confidently make a decision. She has now been successfully treated for two years since diagnosis without the tumor coming back.

Yet another satisfied customer! I just highly recommended you and told my friend to seek your services.

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