We unlock clinical trials and treatment options

We use our up to the minute data and scientific rationales to match patients to therapies that are available and appropriate.

We Support Clinicians

We are here to support doctors’ commitment to do the very best for their patients.

We strongly believe that the bond between the patient and their doctor is a critical aspect to the patient’s well-being. Therefore, Sagely Health will not intervene in any of your clinical decision-making.

You are an integral part of our process.

Here is how you are involved:

  • We first pre-identify relevant therapies by working with the patient and their loved ones.

  • We ensure that the patient is engaged and has a complete understanding of the situation as well as the ability to weigh-in on important decisions.

  • With the patient’s consent, the therapies will be discussed with you and the patient together.

  • We will provide you with the research and data necessary to prioritize the therapies.

  • You and the patient will receive our strategic roadmap for further discussions and implementation.

  • Most importantly, this is not a one-time service. We are an available resource to assist you at any point in the patient’s journey.

If you have patients who might benefit from our services, please contact us to find out more or help a patient to request information from us.

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If you are an outstanding cancer specialist MD with experience treating patients and developing cancer therapies, consider how working with us can help you do more for patients today.

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