At Sagely Health, our goal is to put patients firmly in control of their journey by enabling them to make decisions from a position of knowledge each and every step of the way.

The Sagely Health Team:

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This is Jason. Jason is a medical doctor and proud founder of Sagely Health. He previously worked as an oncologist at Johns Hopkins and Dana Farber and as a Drug Developer for 3 large pharmaceutical companies. His past experiences has given him a unique perspective on how cancer patients, doctors, and drug developers all struggle in the current medical system. With a passion for doing more, he has dedicated his life to bringing patients better solutions and accelerating an end to cancer.

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I am a doctor, a drug developer, a dad, a mentor, and an avid cross-fitter. The one thing that unites all of these endeavors is my passion for creating and implementing insights that benefit others.

Trained as a Pediatric Oncologist at Cornell Medical School, Johns Hopkins, and the National Cancer Institute, I have had a successful career treating patients at hospitals like the Dana Farber Cancer Center in Boston and developing new cancer medicines at three prominent pharmaceutical companies. My passion to help patients led me to guide many children and adults with cancer in my free time. Each time I researched options for a patient, I found it to be a time-consuming process where no effective tools exist.

At the same time, I grew frustrated with the slow pace of drug development due in part to a lack of participating patients. Although many patients search for new therapies, few can find them, and fewer succeed in accessing therapies under study. Life as a clinician was no easier. The priority to assess and support the day-to-day needs of the patient left insufficient time for therapeutic strategizing. When coupled with a lack of tools to identify diagnostic and treatment options, the doctor is left without the support needed to provide the best care for patients.

With a passion to revolutionize society’s approach to cancer therapy by putting patients first, I founded Sagely Health to guide patients through complex decisions and empower them with knowledge about emerging cancer therapies. My goal is to help individual cancer patients today, while building online resources that one day will help all cancer patients accelerate the end to cancer.

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This is Christoph. Christoph is a scientist who has spent over 20 years developing novel and effective cancer therapies that have made a significant impact on patients’ lives. He has served as a professor at academic institutions such as Johns Hopkins and as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. He had the great honor of helping the family of Henrietta Lacks, whose story has been chronicled in the book “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”. Christoph sees Sagely Health as a necessary resource to help patients navigate their therapeutic journey. He is a proud supporter of the company’s growth.

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This is David. He is a physician and biotech entrepreneur who over the last 15 years has developed several new drugs for cancer patients. He knows that the greatest obstacle to developing new treatments is getting patients access to these leading therapies. In a world where too many patients rely on incomplete information, David, in his own words, believes that “we need a comprehensive approach to empower cancer patients and their families to make important decisions about their care. Sagely is providing a clear, yet sophisticated service that unveils a world of possibilities for every patient.”

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About Sagely Health

Sagely Health’s vision is to pave a new approach to cancer treatment that is powered by patients and accelerates the end of cancer. The current medical system leaves many gaps in caring for patients, and we seek to fill those needs. We understand the predicament of patients who lack information, their doctors who lack sufficient time, and drug developers who lack patient participation, and are building a bridge that unites all 3.

We seek to be your trusted resource for cancer related guidance. We combine access to our doctor-based service with an ever-expanding online system that puts you in the driver’s seat of your care. We help you to access and understand the relevant information required to design a therapeutic roadmap, lending peace of mind and quality care. We take an action-oriented approach that brings new therapies, not only to you or your loved ones, but to many more patients around the world.

We strive to, one day, provide therapeutic solutions for the 12 million people in the US who have recently been diagnosed with cancer as well as the 32.6 million people living with cancer worldwide (each in their native language). These solutions include not only diagnostics and therapeutics, the foundations of our current service, but in the future will establish connections to local and national services and networks that support patients while they fight cancer.

We dream about the day we can support patients with all forms of chronic medical problems, beyond just cancer.

The Sagely Health corporate team is comprised of caring, hard-working, and diverse individuals, some of whom are cancer survivors themselves or have had loved ones deeply harmed by cancer. Sagely Health is something that every member of the team wishes they had in the past, and a service that we all agree is a must have for the future. Together we are pushing to make the Sagely Health vision a reality for all.

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